We already know what The Last of Us 2 will take on our PS4: it will come on two discs

Production specifies the space required on the PlayStation 4 hard drive. A real heavyweight.

Sneak from the official PlayStation website. The portal VG247 has echoed the size that The Last of Us: Part II will occupy on our hard drive, the new video game Naughty Dog for PlayStation 4. A production of large proportions is expected, so its size will be according to it: it will be 100 gigs what the game will occupy in the memory of PS4, so you can already think about making a place for Ellie and her new adventure.

Beyond the size of the game, there are no new clues to the production on the Sony store website. In physical format, The Last of Us II will be sold with two discs, number of blu-rays and memory similar to that of another of the greatest hits of the year 2020 on PS4: Final Fantasy VII Remake . Will it rise to the occasion? Coming from one of the best PlayStation 3 games and one of the most famous studios at Sony Worldwide Studios it is hoped that yes.

It will hit stores on June 19, when will we have to take up so much space on our hard drive? Against all expectations of the most pessimistic voices after the indefinite delay of The Last of Us: Part 2 a few weeks ago, the new date of The Last of Us 2 is next June 19 . It has forced to postpone the expected Ghost of Tsushima for a few weeks, which will hit stores on July 17, but it is a full month of great exclusives for the Sony console.

The Last of Us II is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of this year 2020. The exclusive production of PS4 has been the result of a massive leak of spoilers in recent days. Do not hesitate to follow our guide to avoid spoilers for The Last of Us 2 and see our latest video trailer, in which we specify the different reasons that make it, surely, one of the last great exclusives of the current generation of PlayStation.

Source: VG247

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