[Inside Xbox 2020] – DiRT 5: The Main Series Go Off-Road Forza [VIDEO]

While DiRT Rally continues to evolve further into becoming a hardcore rally simulator (with the third, next-gen instalment already teased but not announced yet…), the main numbered series’ newest title looks like a Forza game at first glance.

„As a studio, we are big fans of DiRT 2 and 3. This game is our homage: a bigger, amplified DIRT off-road experience in a setting that is alive, challenging and fun. Whether you want to compete against the AI on some of the world’s most challenging environments or play a four-player split-screen game with your friends, DIRT 5 has you covered,” said DiRT 5 development director Robert Karp in a press release.

DiRT 5 (or DIRT 5 as the following press release calls it…) feels like a combination of DiRT Showdown and OnRush as well, and it will provide couch co-op, an expanded career mode, and the voice talents of Nolan North and Troy Baker. „Fully optimized for all platforms, DIRT 5 is a new heart-pounding off-road driving experience set against a sensory backdrop of vibrant visuals, an eclectic soundtrack, and dynamic weather conditions. DIRT 5’s global journey takes in some of the most thrilling, exotic, and picturesque settings such as New York City and Rio de Janeiro alongside challenging events in remote areas of Greece and China. Players will experience the thrill of in-your-face extreme racing in a variety of vehicle classes from buggies, unlimited trucks, and rock bouncers to traditional and modern rally cars.

The expansive narrative-driven Career mode is bigger in every way with event types and challenges across some of the toughest terrain. Before hitting the track, get creative using the livery editor, with more customization options than any previous DIRT game. DIRT 5 features a non-linear progression path, so players can choose more of the events they want. DIRT 5 also boasts a roster of voice talent led by the iconic Nolan North and Troy Baker. Together, and in their unique style, the dynamic duo guide and mentor players through the Career mode and feature in the DIRT in-game podcast series, including the voice talents of other celebrities from the worlds of racing and gaming.

DIRT 5 heralds the return of split-screen for up to four players. The full list of game modes will be announced shortly, including a new game mode focused on creativity and designed for social couch play with friends or global online battles against the best racers in the DIRT universe,” the press release says. Online supports up to twelve players.

Is Slightly Mad Studios developing this game? Their career in Project CARS 2 also felt similar. Whatever the case is, the game is coming in October, and it’s announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Google Stadia will get the game in early 2021. The next-gen versions will likely arrive a bit later (possibly in November, when the new consoles arrive, making this game a launch title). The Xbox versions will support Smart Delivery, too.

Source: Gematsu

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