[Inside Xbox 2020] – Vampire Bloodlines 2 a Trailer With True Horror Vibes [VIDEO]

Paradox surprises with a music video that shows some of the crazy things we can do in his new video game.

We had not heard from Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 for a long time and finally the Paradox Interactive video game has been shown on Microsoft’s Inside Xbox, which is showing us the first Xbox Series X video games on the move. The trailer is not wasted. With a great musical background accompaniment, this video allows us to see some of the crazy things we can do in this role-playing adventure developed by former Troika Games veterans, who are the authors of the original title.

This trailer for Bloodlines 2 allows us to see some of the vampiric clans that will take centre stage in this new role-playing adventure set in the streets of San Francisco. Previously, the Hardsuit Labs team already warned that the combat system of Vampire Bloodlines 2 would be similar to that of Dishonored, and in this video, we can already see some clashes with swords, but also with vampiric powers.

Unfortunately, a release date for the video game has not been confirmed, so there is no other choice but to wait for details about its release. Do not forget that the development team has already warned that the high expectations for Bloodlines 2 make him work with a greater passion for a project that they want to be perfect.

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