The price of the PS5 confirmed by an informant?

The noose seems to be tightening around the console, but what will be the price of the PS5?

As the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 releases get closer and closer, rumours become more and more frequent. Today, it is once again the next console from Sony that makes the news.

Amazon had shaken the canvas first with the product sheet of the PS5 on which there was a sale price. The e-commerce giant may well be right.


IronManPS5, who is often very well informed regarding the latest news from the brand, certifies that the prices displayed for the 2 models are very accurate. At least that’s what he announced on Twitter a few hours ago, before finally deleting his posts.


Our colleagues from Cowcotland fell on his tweets and immediately spread the information.

In addition to the price of the 2 models of the console, IronManPS5 would also have revealed the price of several accessories for the machine.


The DualSense controller would be sold at € 59.90, the charging station for the controller at € 29.90, the HD camera at € 59.90, the headphones at 179.90 €, the remote control at € 29.90 and the vertical support at € 19.90.

Remember also that the 100% digital PS5 would be available for € 399, when its twin with Blu-Ray player, would be offered at € 499.


Finally, according to IronMan PS5, its release would be scheduled for November 20, 2020 . Did he tell us the truth? We will have to wait a little longer before we know for sure.

Source: Jeuxvideo

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