Resident Evil 8 – Current Game Status And Innovations

Resident Evil 8, also known as Resident Evil Village, captures the imaginations of a lot of people as the horror legend’s next entry approaches – everyone is interested in its current status and possible innovations. Let’s see how the development is going.

The game has been in development for 3.5 years, and as we’ve wrote about it, it will feature a lot of exploration and, as it seems, a lot of brand new puzzles.

We’d multiple sources this time around, first it was Ryokutya2089, which wrote that the game is roughly 60% complete.

Famitsu added tot he info mixture: it is reported that the first person view of the game will be significantly improved compared to Resident Evil 7. They wrote that next month they’ll be able to say more.

Dusk Golem is a well known insider at Capcom, and has said that the current-gen PS4 and Xbox One versions were scrapped because they held back the game too much.

„Because there’s a bigger focus on exploration this would lead to the last-gen console versions having notable issues, and it was holding back how pretty they could make certain scenes. So they decided to drop the last-gen versions of the game to make it so the game had no loading at all (not limited by last gen hardware) and push the graphic overhaul further without the limitations of last-gen tech in mind.”


This game will be the eighth episode in the history of the series, and thanks to the upgraded RE Engine, the game’s engine, it will be able to produce a nicer look than any other game in the series before.

„…RE Engine paired with next generation console technology will elevate the survival horror experience in Resident Evil Village to new heights, as the title will showcase the most realistic and terrifying graphics to date.”


More information comes from Resident Evil fanatic Alex Aniel. He posted his full interview on Twitter. We’ve found out some quite interesting things thanks to him:

First, the game appears to have been in the making for 3.5 years, which may confirm previous rumours that the game began its career as Resident Evil: Revelations 3.

Alex was surprised that the game was ready for release shortly after Resident Evil 3, to which he was told that Village had been under development since 2016.

He was also wondering how the developers meant that the game would be a close to someone’s story? What does it close? Well, it seems to be a conclusion to the story of Resident Evil 7 and its characters.

Alex also mentioned in his interview that we’ve made a decision at the end of RE7, but which choice will the story go on with? The developers say the answer is there in the trailer, however, they strongly recommend that you definitely play Resident Evil 7 before RE8.

The guy also noticed in a developer message that the attached image shows the inventory, which is pretty similar to the Resident Evil 4 attache case. Our favourite inventor manager mini-game seems to be back, the developer also confirmed: there will be an in-game inventory.


„On top of fear, combat & item management, exploration is a must in RE. Solving puzzles is definitely in; it expands the breadth of the gameplay.”

Finally, the makers also confirmed that the game became next-gen exclusive so that they could eliminate loading times.


„We’ve upgraded the graphics and sound. Also, the fact that loading times can’t be perceived is an important point. All in all, next gen consoles allow for more immersive experiences.”


Resident Evil Village is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at an unspecified time.


Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech

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