Metacritic will make the review bombing more difficult: it will be necessary to wait to make analysis

The platform now forces you to wait at least a day to write reviews about the latest releases.

With the emergence of user review platforms, in recent years we have had to get used to reviewing bombing (or bombardment of negative reviews) against certain works for the most disparate reasons, a practice that Metacritic now seek to combat, or at least delay, preventing you from writing analysis about a launch in its first hours of life.

In this sense, several users of the platform have been able to notice how for a few days the critic aggregator has been preventing the evaluation of a video game on its first day of release. For example Endless Dead, an isometric arcade shooter available since yesterday on Steam, will not be open for user analysis until 21:00 this Thursday, giving users the opportunity to “spend time playing to the game ” , recommends with a” please “from the title tab in Metacritic.

The measure has not been detailed or justified yet by those responsible for the platform at the moment, although everything seems to indicate that it occurs in the framework of the recent release of The Last of Us: Part II, the latest development of Naughty Dog that he saw in his The first few hours were a barrage of negative reviews to the point of making the video game perhaps the most highly rated product in the history of the website.

It is advisable to remember that the problems with review bombing on certain platforms is not new, there are very famous cases such as Death Stranding or Pokémon Sword and Shield , nor are they limited to the video game industry, with blockbuster movies at the box office such as Captain Marvel who suffered even days before its official premiere a barrage of bad reviews.

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