God of War director defends price hike on PS5 and Xbox Series X against micropayments

Last week it was announced that NBA 2K21 would have a higher purchase cost on new consoles.

Cory Balrog, director of the latest God of War, has shown on social networks his favorable opinion of the price increase in the purchase of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X video games, putting the news in context with the increasing presence of microtransactions in some current hit titles.

“Video games need to increase in price. I prefer it to the constant flow of micropayments that some games have become,” defended the creative director of Sony Santa Monica Studio after being asked by a user about the subject.

This matter has jumped to the current pages after knowing that NBA 2K21 will be more expensive on PS5 and Xbox Series X, this being, in addition, a proposal well known for the presence of different monetization mechanics. Furthermore, a report published a few days ago states that 2K’s decision with its basketball simulator will not be isolated, but shared by more companies in the sector.

Be that as it may, it will be necessary to follow this matter closely as we get closer to the launch of the new consoles prepared by both Sony and Microsoft, scheduled for the end of this year. It is good to remember that this next generation will be more marked than ever by subscription services, an option for the consumption of video games that could have an influence on the final decision adopted by the main software publishers worldwide.

Away from this issue, Cory Barlog also left a message of peace on his Twitter where he stated that in the new generation, the same group will win as always: the players.

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