Why Are The Cutscenes In Third-Person In Far Cry 6?

This wasn’t the case in the Far Cry series so far, and Ubisoft tries to explain the change.

Far Cry 6‘s announcement was a no-surprise at Ubisoft Forward, as almost everything was leaked before the event (and this is where the French company has to step it up…), but at this point, we didn’t know about the change that affects the cutscenes. Until now, they were in first-person, giving us more of a personal feeling when things happened to or around us (such as Vaas kicking us down into the water in Far Cry 3 – we previously mentioned the theory of Far Cry 6 is a potential prequel of his story).

„When we went and looked and did our research when you’re looking at a guerrilla revolution, it’s so personal. To be so swept up in that, you need to feel it and understand where that character came from, and what brought them to be pushed so far that they have to pick up a rifle and fight. It came from a story point of view. I think what’s exciting for us is that you’re going to be able to see Dani in the third person, in cinematics and other elements of the game, and during that it became almost a necessity to have a fully voiced and performance captured character.

I think what was important to us was the idea that you can approach the story and the world from any angle. We have a massive open world. We’re talking about a country with a capital city, which is a first for the brand. And it was very important for us, in terms of how you approach the story, if you wanted to start on one part of the island, or you wanted to start on the other side of the island, the story would adapt to how you approach it,” Navid Khavari, Far Cry 6’s narrative director, told Game Rant.

Far Cry 6, which was inspired by the Cuban revolution (led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, who successfully chased the America-backed dictator, Fulgencio Batista, out of the country), will launch on February 18. The target platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X (both support the current-gen -> next-gen upgrade for free), PC (Epic Games Store, uPlay), Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Source: PSU

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