Far Cry 6 In 4K Only On Xbox? Ubisoft Clarifies The Situation

A suspicious promotional image had led to suspicions and wrong headlines about Far Cry 6 being 4K only on Xbox. Is there is still hope for PS4 Pro and PS5?


Being at the gates of a new generation of consoles, any technical detail or clue that can be extracted from the next video games is key to get the idea of ​​what we can expect from PS5 and Xbox Series X in terms of graphics and power. Recently, Ubisoft Forward left us with the announcement of Far Cry 6, and the most attentive players discovered a small print in a promotional image that clearly said: “[the resolution] 4K UHD will only be available on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X

Will PS5 face resolution problems from the start?




The image has not stopped circulating on the internet in recent days, raising all kinds of suspicions about it, but finally Ubisoft Support has directly responded to the doubts of a user on Twitter to clarify the situation:

“The highlighted text in the above image refers only to the Xbox systems which will run FC6 in 4k Ultra HD (Xbox One X & Xbox Series X). Ubisoft Support has no information to add about other systems at this time.”



Game performance is unknown on both the PlayStation and Xbox One and Xbox One S systems.

In other words, the image leaves 4K out of the reach of standard Xbox One and Xbox One S – something that could be taken for granted from the beginning, actually – but it does not convey anything about Sony consoles, good or bad. In fact, there are still several questions in the air: will the most powerful Xbox ever made bet on native 4K or rescaled? Can any PlayStation reach 4K? If so, native or rescaled? We will have to wait longer to find out.


Surprisingly, despite being in the midst of a pandemic, Far Cry 6 has set a clear release date: February 18, 2021. In this installment, Ubisoft will take us to a fictional Latin American setting: the tropical paradise of Yara, based on Cuba and scourged by the guerrillas, which is lead by a new villain named Antón Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito) and by the son he educates to follow in his footsteps to rule the country.

Source: 3DJuegos

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