Xbox Responds To Criticism Of Halo Infinite Demo

Many people thought that the demo of Halo Infinite did not reach the technical level of current times…


Aaron Greenberg insists that rebroadcasting may also have influenced image quality.

After finishing the last Xbox Games Showcase event, many users criticized what 343 Industries showed about the new Halo Infinite. The vast majority of these reviews pointed out that the graphics showing this demo were not as expected for an Xbox Series X title.


Given this, the head of marketing at Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, has clarified during an interview with the Inside Gaming channel, that the graphic quality of Halo Infinite is due to two main reasons: its development in progress and the characteristics of the broadcast of the event.


“Listen, we are in the midst of a global pandemic, ” Greenberg began. “It is July, we are far from launching, we are seeing a game whose development is in progress.” In addition to this, 343 Industries recently confirmed that what was shown in said demo was “representative of the Xbox Series X experience”, and a console-like performance PC was used.


Greenberg also insists that watching the broadcast of the event now in 4K and 60fps could also vary the result. “It is very difficult to show all the power and graphic fidelity of what the Xbox Series X will be able to deliver to you through a broadcast. Go check it out at 4K 60fps,” he added.


It’s pretty sad that they have to explain themselves like this… Plus, we recently seemed to have caught Microsoft lying about supporting Xbox One for another 2 years!

By the way, we wrote more about the presentation of the game here.

Source: 3DJuegos

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