Finally, A Gameplay Video Of Halo Infinite [VIDEO]

Halo Infinite ran live at tonight’s Xbox show, and we were able to take a look at campaign mode and its vast landscapes, among other things.

The launch title of the Xbox Series X will also be available on PC via Steam.


We knew Halo Infinite was going to be one of the highlights tonight, but the gameplay was still surprising: have we seen a gameplay that wanted us to change generation? Are we going to rush for the new console just to be able to play Halo again? No, this is not a typical system seller, unfortunately. However, Master Chief didn’t disappoint either: the game showed something of itself in actual gameplay at least, exceptionally, making it one of the fresh highlights of the very flat Xbox Games Showcase with its almost 9-minute long presentation. The video thoroughly presented what that certain “Combat Evolved” will look like in the new generation…



It will be a game of varied gameplay and uninterrupted action, because the gameplay is astonishingly fluid: we drop one weapon, we take up another, we bounce into machines, drive, run over our enemies, shoot as much as we can while hitting and bashing. The same thing we were used to, only this time much more accurately, much more technically impressive, much faster than ever.

We saw the location of the game, we saw the enemies, the weapons at our disposal, and all the other structures, vehicles, and gadgets.


“Our campaign demo takes place a few hours after the start of the Halo Infinite campaign, meeting with the Master Chief and the pilot after the Pelican faces fire from enemy anti-aircraft guns.” The pilot in question, of course, is the same one we saw in the E3 2019 trailer. During the video we are introduced to Escharum, the new leader of the Banished (you know, the faction lead by Atriox in Halo Wars 2) who has taken over a whole ring on his own. And since Infinite is defined as a ‘reboot’, the narrative also has a new twist.



“Our script team is laying out a story that is entertaining and exciting for all players, so don’t worry if you’re new to the Halo universe or have no idea who the Banished are.” And what about the gameplay? Essentially, and as it was rumored, we will have a great world to explore (several times larger than the last two Halo combined, says the Halo Waypoint blog) with semi-open elements. The hook that was shown on the cover of the game will finally serve both to move and to move enemies. There is another surprise up the Chief’s sleeve though.



It is a cover that we can manually deploy at any time to save ourselves from enemy fire, and a little curiosity: both tools can also be used in multiplayer mod, but will have different behavior. On the launch of the game, there is still no exact date (and therefore, neither for Xbox Series X) but we do know that it will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X at 4K and 60 FPS with Smart Delivery; and on PC through Windows 10, Game Pass for PC and Steam. In addition, options are being explored to launch a beta of the game, although on Waypoint they warn that the conditions of teleworking are hindering that process.

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