Haven aims to offer 120 FPS on PS5 and use the haptic feature of the controller.

The next-gen version of Haven shouldn’t feel much different than a high-performance PC.

It seems that the next generation of consoles will offer high pixel and image per second counts: if we find it difficult to achieve 1080p and 60 FPS on today’s machines, PS5 and Xbox Series X seek to bring 4K by standard and up to 120 FPS fluency. Will they succeed? I imagine that the most ornate triple-A games will have some limitations in one or another parameter to achieve their goals, but the indies with less polygonal load should not cost too much. One of them is Haven from The Game Bakers.

Speaking to the WCCFTech portal, director Emeric Thoa talks about the technical ambitions of his new video game, at least for the PS5 version. Please note that we are specifically talking about expectations, which means that the final version may not fit the creative’s comments. The game has not yet finalized its release details, so its managers still have plenty of time to experiment with each version.

“We are in very early stages of working with PS5,” Emeric explains. “It is a bit early to [talk about technical specs]. Of course, we will try to make the best use of PS5 hardware and features. One of the things that excite me the most is using the new haptic functions of the controller and the 120 FPS count to make sliding feel as smooth as possible. ” As for the possible comparison with high-end PCs, the creative acknowledges that “Haven is not particularly ‘a game for technical testing’, and I suppose the differences will be small.”

The new from the creators of Furi plans to reach PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One as part of the Xbox Game Pass catalogue. The study “tries to bring Haven to as many platforms as possible” so it does not confirm or openly deny that we will see it on Xbox Series X as well.

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