The long-awaited STALKER 2 will have both 4K resolution and raytracing on Xbox Series X

For now, we have not seen playable material, only cinematic.

One of the highlights of the Xbox Games Show was STALKER 2. Sadly we have not been able to see playable material yet, but the simple fact of knowing that everything is on wheels is already a cause for celebration for many. Xbox users have also received the first confirmations about the technical ambitions of the project through the official website.

As Microsoft indicates, the title of GSC Game World will carry the imposing ” optimized for Xbox Series X” logo and will feature 4K resolution and raytracing lighting. Of course, and as always happens in these cases, it is still so long before the game is available that it is impossible to know if it will strictly comply with these objectives.

STALKER 2 will return us to “the Zone” after almost a decade of waiting. It is a hostile environment and full of mutants where the player will have to do everything to survive. Its first trailer introduced some of the almost paranormal phenomena we will encounter along the way, but details about its world and its history were also offered a posteriori.

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