Introducing The Old And New Fighters Of Street Fighter V [VIDEO]

Dan, and even Akira arrives from Rival Schools – new and well-known characters join the lineup in Capcom’s game, Street Fighter V.


The long-awaited Street Fighter V Summer Update has taken place in which Capcom has revealed the plans for the coming months and all of 2021 with its quintessential fighting game. The event has unveiled the presence of new fighters for the game’s upcoming downloadable content, part of the fifth season of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro and Kazama are the new Street Fighter V fighters



The new characters are Dan Hibiki, Rose, Oro and Kazama (Akira Kazama), who come from the popular franchise Rival Schools, the game that the Japanese company launched at the time of the original PlayStation in 1997. In addition, there will be a fifth character yet to be revealed. All of them are currently in the production process, and from Capcom they have confirmed that they will share additional details and images in progress in the coming months.



In the Capcom summer update they have also confirmed that in addition to the five new characters coming to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, over 30 new costumes and four new stages are also planned, including a Rose stage (spring 2021), an Akira stage (summer 2021) and two new Capcom Pro Tours, scheduled for winter 2020 and fall of 2021.

Champion Edition includes virtually all content from both the original release and Arcade Edition. Champion Edition including 40 characters, 34 stages and more than 200 costumes. New contenders will soon be added to the battle. If you are curious about the game, you can play it for free for a few days.

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