PES 2021 – Konami Does Not “Update” The Series Due To The Coronavirus

Epidemic – empty stadiums around the world and another generational change for Konami, who decided not to have PES 2021 this year.


There will also be no version for Switch this year.

This will be a unique year for the PES saga. Having learned from the past transition between console generations, Konami took a cautious stance and preferred an update to PES 2020, rather than a full annual renewal of the franchise, in order to focus resources on the first real instalment for the new consoles. which will run on the Unreal Engine and will not debut until next year.

The game will not include playable changes

The aforementioned update will not include playable changes and, according to an interview in Eurogamer magazine, it will not bother to make adjustments to the audience either. Considering that the stadiums are still empty, due to the health crisis, that would be a detail that could perhaps be considered realistic in the current portrait of professional football.

“We won’t have any massive changes. You mean the empty stadiums?” Lennart Bobzien, director of the PES brand in Europe asked. “This will not happen for 2021. 2021 will be similar to 2020. I cannot comment on what will happen later.” Bobzien explained that outside of the video game, the crisis posed some obstacles in PES’s relationship with the clubs, although it did not stop development completely.

Returning to the issue of the audience, PES is coupled with the same vision of its competitor, FIFA, which has preferred to ignore the issue of the public, in favor of a less realistic, but more beautiful representation of professional football.

Regarding a version for Switch, Bobzien did not want to go into much detail either but stressed that PES 2021 will be available only on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. “There will be no version for Switch this year.” The FIFA saga does come out on Nintendo’s hybrid console, although with a technologically inferior version that has earned it angry criticism.

Source: 3DJuegos

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