Success In Risk of Rain 2 – Millions Play The Final Version On Steam

Hopoo GamesRisk of Rain 2 ran out of Early Access on Aug. 11 and is already played by more than 3 million people on Steam.


Hopoo Games, the studio responsible for Risk of Rain 2, has every reason to be very happy. After their game’s journey through the complicated world of early access was an absolute success, the game reached version 1.0 and was therefore officially released on August 11. The great news for the creators is that the game has surpassed three million players on Steam, as they have announced through Twitter.

Risk of Rain 2 is garnering the praises of critics and users themselves. In fact, the overall reviews on Steam give it an “extremely positive” rating. This means that more than 66,000 players, 96% of those who have left their opinion, recommend the title. During its Early Access, Hopoo Games has been introducing constant updates to improve the game.



The studio announced that it planned to increase the price of the game once they reached version 1.0. This movement is totally logical and common, but we want to point out that, for the moment, this rise has not occurred and that the game’s price is still down. Until August 18 you can buy it on Steam for 14.39 euros, a 20% discount on its current price.

In a statement that Hopoo Games released on August 13 via Steam, the studio thanked players for bringing them to the release version. In addition, those responsible for the game commented that it had been “great fun for the team to watch broadcasts, read reviews, hang out on Discord and even participate in some multiplayer games with the community.” The studio’s relations with fans is amazing.

In addition, the developers confirmed that they are working on polishing aspects, with an eye on different bugs, so we can expect a prompt solution. Risk of Rain 2 has very characteristic gameplay, its quality led it to be one of the most outstanding loot shooters of 2019.

Risk of Rain 2 was released on August 11 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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