The Head Of Xbox Appreciates PlayStation 5’s Cooling Design

Phil Spencer admits that Sony has put together the rival console’s cooling system fairly nicely.

The head of Xbox was the guest of the Animal Talking podcast. „I like the design of what they did. I have a lot of respect for what the teams do at PlayStation,” he said. He went into detail on how both Microsoft and Sony faced challenges with the new console generation: „It’s hard because I know the physics that we’re both dealing with when it comes to these consoles [PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X], and cooling these consoles—the power, the energy use — that presents real challenges this generation. We’re talking about consoles, with the CPU and GPU, that are really powerful computers, effectively,” he added.

He also explained why Microsoft chose a tower design for the Xbox Series X: „We chose our design because we wanted a large fan that we could spin a little more slowly so we’re not making noise. We wanted a very quiet console, so noise was something that we focused on. So we built a form-follow-function design so that we could draw a lot of air with a big fan spinning a little bit slower so we didn’t get those high-pitched whining sounds that sometimes consoles can make.” Just think of a PlayStation 4 Pro, which could sound something like a vacuum cleaner!

Spencer also said that the PlayStation 5 runs at higher clock speed, which could create more heat, but that’s not a problem limited to them. He has a point: the Xbox Series X has 52 compute units (CUs) running at 1.825 GHz, but the PlayStation 5 is running with 36 CUs that can spin up to as high as 2.23 GHz.

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will likely launch in November. The latter is possibly arriving on November 6, while the former could come either on November 13 or 20.

Source: PSL

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