Will The PlayStation 5 Not Struggle With 4K Resolution After All?

It looks like some people want to create tension.

We recently wrote about how the PlayStation 5 is allegedly not capable of true 4K resolution on a higher frame rate in Resident Evil (8): Village. This was written by Dusk Golem (or AestheticGasmer on Twitter), naming Capcom’s game as an example later. It seems like he also isn’t 100% reliable when it comes to insider information. He talked about the subject on the ResetEra forums… where he got into trouble in the process.

„Well, well, well. That Dusk guy who started the ‘fake 4K’ stuff been sacked as a mod on ResetEra and [his] thread [got] locked. Admitted he started it to ‘even things up’ after bad Xbox news. Had no tech knowledge and only knew bits and pieces about very early Resident Evil: Village build,” we can read on Twitter. By fake 4K, he meant that the game’s native resolution would be lower than that, and it would be upscaled. Also, keep in mind that Capcom’s developers are developing the new Resident Evil for a new console duo, and thus, the early dev kit possibly required a bit of learning, and the early build of a game isn’t meant to be optimized, as that is coming later in the development.

From the developers, TeamKill Media has responded to it – they are working on Quantum Error, a sci-fi horror title, which will be on PlayStation 5, followed by a PlayStation 4 later. „Quantum Error. A corridor shooter is struggling to get 4K/30 FPS on PlayStation 5. It’s trying to get to 4K, which means downgrade, etc to „optimize” to run on PlayStation 5,” a tweet said. The devs’ response is incredible: „Not sure where this quote comes from but, it didn’t come from us. Quantum Error currently is running at 4K 65-70 FPS unoptimized. We will be hitting our goal of 4K 60 FPS. And there will be much more than just corridors lol!” And they have Unreal Engine 4, keep in mind.

Still, the price will be an important factor for the PlayStation 5 (possibly launching on November 13 or 20…) and the Xbox Series X (which WILL arrive in November, possibly on the 6th).

Source: PSU

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