GTA Vice City Online? – Signs Of Life Around The New GTA

Take-Two has registered the trademark, which could rekindle speculation about the future of the GTA series – Another vacation in Vice City?


Domain registrations are often the primary sources for many video game advertisements before they become official. Although, on other occasions, companies simply take domains as a preventive measure for the future. We still do not know what it will be, but Take-Two Interactive would have registered the GTA Vice City Online brand and has triggered speculation about the future of one of the most popular franchises in the sector.

A Reddit user has found that Take-Two, Rockstar’s parent company, owns the domain that has been registered since 2009. It is a curious fact, mainly because neither Grand Theft Auto Vice City nor its sequel Vice City Stories had an online mode.

The record suggests that the next GTA will take place in Vice City…



This fact has sparked rumors among the GTA fan community. Although nothing is yet known about the next instalment of the saga, there are those who point out that it would have at least a place in Vice City, which would serve Rockstar to take advantage of the pun with the first two letters of Vice City and the delivery numerical that would correspond to GTA VI, whose Roman numerals match the beginning of the location.

The one that the Online functionality is added at the end fits, considering that it is the medium on which GTA V has been based for seven years and that it will continue to expand on PS5 and Xbox Series X with a new port. However, all this must be taken with a grain of salt, since as we said at the beginning, a record does not have to mean a fact. But the internet has gone crazy with the possibility of returning to Vice City 18 years after the original launch.

In any case, Rockstar takes this GTA VI issue very easily – so easily that the company’s creative leadership is slowly disintegrating. (The biggest minds behind the previous games left in a row.) Of course, GTA V has surpassed the 135 million games sold, so they can afford to take it easy…

Source: 3DJuegos

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