Horizon Zero Dawn, PC Version: Improved Game Through Updates

Updates of the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn seeks to fix the most common bugs and freezes, while also improving performance.


Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition hit computers on August 7 with good reception, although its output performance was far from what fans wanted. In Guerrilla, they already published a first update of the game to solve some of the problems, although not all of them, and with the new update 1.02, the studio hopes to solve some of the bugs and crashes previously present in the title.

Through Reddit, Guerrilla informs users about the contents of this patch 1.02 that is now available on PC: “This patch seeks to solve some of the most frustrating crashes we have seen since the release. We are aware that there are still problems without solve, based on your comments, so please know that we will continue to investigate and work on solutions.” The studio indicates that specific “crashes” have been fixed such as those that can occur in the first execution of the game, during the optimization process, or in the middle of the game, both due to an error with memory overwritten and due to textures that are not loaded into memory and cause the execution to break.



They also talk about technical improvements in the title with the new patch. Game performance during autosave has been improved, and an issue that caused V-Sync to not disable properly when playing in a borderless window has been resolved. Likewise, a bug that caused uncoordinated facial animations in some games has been resolved, since they are set at 30 fps, and the memory usage of the game when loading shaders has been reduced.

Finally, the study indicates that you are aware of more additional issues, which can be found in the patch notes. In order to further refine the title, they have improved their analytics tools along with the error reporting system, with new specific identifiers for more accurate detection of errors.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. If you haven’t tried this open-world adventure from Guerrilla Games yet, read our review on the original game!

Source: 3DJuegos

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