IT’S OFFICIAL: Here’s The Price Of The Xbox Series S, Microsoft Has Finally Announced!

Based on the price of the Xbox Series S, it is the smallest, most accessible machine in the history of the nearly 20-year-old console family.


With a friendly price of $ 299, this machine can easily be afforded by anyone who wants to enter the new generation.

After the important leak of Xbox consoles that took place this morning, Microsoft has taken very little to officially confirm its new console. Xbox Series S is already a reality, the Redmond company has confirmed the existence of the console with its first official image, and most important of all: it will cost only $ 299 to start.

According to the official Xbox account on Twitter, the new Xbox Series S will offer “next-generation performance in the smallest Xbox of all time.” As the comparative images of the previous leak already showed, this console will have a much smaller size than the Xbox Series X, the high-performance option, with a less bulky rectangular design, and without a disc reader.




And, of course, with that front panel vent that is giving so much to talk about. The most interesting thing, again, is that MSRP of $ 299, which will make the Xbox Series S a very competitive entry point for the new generation. In the absence of knowing the official details, the summer leaks pointed to a console with less graphics power than Xbox Series X, but with a similar processor, and Microsoft‘s new memory architecture.

That is, an affordable next-generation option focused on 1080p gaming, for those who haven’t made the leap to 4K resolutions yet. Or that indicated the previous leaks of the console, in the absence of knowing the official technical details. For its part, today’s leak dated the premiere of the two consoles for November 10, with Xbox Series X priced at $ 499.



Then the only question is whether Microsoft will confirm the exact date of the machine’s arrival with the same confidence, and what the Japanese giant, Sony, will do about it.

We are looking forward to an exciting day!

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