PlayStation 5: Will Pre-Orders Start In A Few Days?

Both next-gen consoles(‘ stronger versions) have been priced possibly, and one of them might be getting pre-orders open soon.

The website of Simplygames allows you to express interest in pre-ordering the PlayStation 5. It sounds stupid, but the retailer claims the console will only be available in limited quantity, and the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition (the stronger version) might cost 499 GBP. Converted to EUR or USD, that would be 549, which would be a hefty price tag for the next-gen console that – according to the end of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War trailer – might launch a few weeks later in Europe than in North America.

On Twitter, someone with an interesting handle (IronManPS5) claims that the PlayStation 5’s pre-orders will start on September 9. The date might look a bit random, but there’s a meaning behind it. On September 9, 1995, the PS1 launched in North America (followed by a European release twenty days later, about nine months after the Japanese debut). It might not be true, but the pre-orders have to start soon, as November is not that far away, but we need to know the price to pre-order…

Let’s also not forget about the Xbox Series X: although previously, the Monster energy drink contest has revealed an alleged price for the console, we now have another contest – this time, it’d be Pringles‘ contest in South Africa – that claims the stronger next-gen Microsoft console would cost approximately 599 dollars, making it more expensive than the PlayStation 5. However, we have heard that Alanah Pearce, a journalist, has received a photo from an American store with this price tag. It could be a placeholder…

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will launch this Holiday season – the latter has been confirmed to arrive in November. We have no clue about the pricing.

Source: JVL, JVL, PSU

Közzétette: Pringles – 2020. augusztus 31., hétfő

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