Bethesda founder says his purchase by Microsoft “will benefit users”

“If the strategy works, it will be a brilliant move against Sony,” he says.

His name may not sound familiar to many, but Christopher Weaver is responsible for the fact that today we have games like The Elder Scrolls saga . Not surprisingly, it is the founder of Bethesda , who a few years later would also found ZeniMax, its parent company. With the purchase of Bethesda and ZeniMax by Microsoft, who was the founder of both has spoken of the acquisition in an interview with Inverse , where he affirms that it will be a beneficial move for users .

“I think this is an extremely interesting purchase for the two groups,” says Weaver. ” Microsoft instantly expands its bench with some of the most experienced companies in the industry (during a time when sales were at an all-time high), and Bethesda benefits from focusing its creative power on works that fuel Microsoft products.” To this, the businessman addressed the issue of study purchases , where he affirms that what Microsoft is creating remains outside the economic reach of Sony.

“I don’t think it was a coincidence that this announcement took place so close to the announcement of Sony and its PS5 . The number of proven studios that can make Triple-A [games] is limited. What Microsoft owns, Sony can’t get. ” explains Weaver, adding: “although the definitive proof will be demonstrated by the quality of the products created over time.” With the purchase of Bungie in 2000 , Halo became the flagship of an Xbox brand that had just been born, and was the linchpin of its launch.

Now, with the acquisition of Bethesda, Weaver believes Microsoft hopes to repeat the play . “The Bungie purchase was a trigger for the early success of Xbox. Depending on how soon Bethesda can contribute to Microsoft’s production line , I suspect Microsoft has taken a look at its playbook and is looking to repeat one of its best moves. If the strategy works, it will be a brilliant move against Sony . ”

” Users around the world will be the beneficiaries of this agreement,” concludes Weaver. With the acquisition, Microsoft has not only obtained studios like Bethesda, Arkane, id Software or Tango Gameworks, it is also done with sagas and games like The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Fallout, Dishonored and what is to come. A very popular move, which reaffirms Xbox Game Pass and content as the cornerstone of Microsoft’s strategy .

Source: Screenrant

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