Xbox will continue to bet on consoles in the future, despite the growth of cloud gaming

Phil Spencer says there will be another generation after Xbox Series X and S.

In recent times, the video game world has undergone numerous changes and we are entering a new era of possibilities. Options like subscription services or cloud gaming seemed unrealistic not so long ago, and now they are with us. In the case of cloud gaming, it has always been said that it will end with consoles, but Phil Spencer said that this will not be the case.

In an interview with Yahoo, and as Video Games Chronicle collects, Phil Spencer assured that he does not believe that the game in the cloud will end with the consoles. “In terms of hardware, I absolutely believe that we will see more consoles in the future. As in video or music, streaming has not ended with device innovation. I think we will continue to see it and that is absolutely what we are. planning [on Xbox] “.

“It’s about putting the player at the center; it’s no longer about the device [on which you consume the content]. This is seen in any other medium: my television is with me wherever I go, my music too …”, Phil insisted Spencer. Recently, Xbox finally pulled xCloud devices Android included in the subscription of Xbox Game Pass, but console gamers can breathe quieter.

Still, it is true that cloud gaming seems to have a place in the future of video games. Currently there are several active services, such as Google Stadia, the xCloud Xbox or own GeForce Now from Nvidia (although it has a different model, also comes into play in the cloud). In addition, Amazon announced this week that it will enter that market with its Luna service.

The new Xbox consoles will be released on November 10. Xbox Series S will be priced at 299 euros and Xbox Series X can be purchased for 499 euros. These words from Phil Spencer still augur a long way to the world of consoles. If you have decided to make the leap to the new generation with Microsoft but you are not sure which machine is for you, take a look at our comparison between Series X and S happens to be sure.

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