PlayStation Plus: What Can The Subscribers Play In October? [VIDEO]

After the unusual September pairing, the time has come to ask the question once again: those who subscribe to Sony’s service, what can they play for free in return in the second month of this autumn?

The September duo is still unusual to write down, and they are still going to be available until October 5 for the Plus members, so they still have time to grab PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (it’s not a joke: they gave a battle royale title away – it’s not your typical move from Sony), plus Street Fighter V (which is another bold move, as the game’s base edition launched more than four and a half years ago on PlayStation 4 and PC, and Capcom has to work on the next game in the series as they are present in the eSports scene, plus they will get competition from Virtua Fighter of all series).

But let’s see what those who pay to play online multiplayer on PlayStation 4 (this is what people pay for to have PlayStation Plus…) will get from October 6. The first game was one of the scandalous titles of 2017: we’re talking about Electronic Arts’ and Ghost Games’ Need For Speed: Payback, where the car’s upgrade system was tied to those stupid loot boxes, which didn’t get the praise of anyone on the planet. The second game might get a bit more attention as it’s from Dontnod. No, it’s not Life is Strange – instead, it is Vampyr, where you indeed have to eat a few NPCs to say alive, as you will be a vampire in this action-RPG. That’s it. No extra games, no bonuses.

This is not a big duo, but it’s still a better pairing than what PUBG and Street Fighter V were. Let’s hope that the arrival of the PlayStation 5 will give new life to the PlayStation Plus, as the freebies were not that good recently.

Source: PS Blog

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