PlayStation 5: Firmware Updates Can Change The Fan Speed

Updating the console’s system software would set the console’s fan speed to have the PlayStation 5 as silent as possible.

Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony‘s engineering director, told 4Gamer in a new interview how the PlayStation 5 will benefit from new firmware: „In addition to the temperature sensor mounted inside the APU, the temperature sensor is also mounted in three places on the mainboard, and it is designed to control the fan speed using the APU internal temperature and the highest temperature of the three-point temperature sensor as parameters. This fan control parameter is interesting because it also supports updates with online updates.

Based on this, there is a plan to advance the optimization of fan control. It is said that the thermal design of the PlayStation 5, including the rotational speed of the air-cooled fan, is taking a margin with plenty of room. When a game that continues to be under heavy load for a long time appears, it is also possible to increase the rotation of the fan and enhance cooling performance even at the expense of quietness. In the future, various games will appear, and APU behaviour data for each game will be collected,” Ootori said.

An APU is effectively a CPU and a GPU on the same die. The fan is large in the PlayStation 5 (45 mm thick, the diameter is 120 mm), which is why the console is so big – it’s to keep the CPU and the small die size cool. So if a big game is about to be released to the public, Sony might release a new firmware that patches the fan speed to keep the console quiet, based on the stats they received from pre-release reviews and testing.

Yesterday, we talked about how the PlayStation 5 will be expensive in India (giving Microsoft an advantage purely over the pricing…), but it had no release date. Now, Sony sent a statement to MP1st about South-East Asia’s release date and pricing for the PlayStation 5: „We can confirm that the PlayStation 5 will also become available in MY/TH/ID/PH/VN and that we are currently in the process of preparation towards the launch. SIES will announce on MY/TH/PH/ID/VN release dates and pricing when we are ready. Please keep a lookout for our local announcements on [the] PlayStation 5[‘s] release in respective countries,” it reads.

So Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam might have to wait a bit more, as their respective PlayStation sites have removed the Holiday 2020 time from the page (and the site asked Sony about the new release date, which just made them repeat what they said). At least India was confirmed to launch on November 19.

The PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12/19 (America/Europe) for 500 or 400 USD/EUR (Standard and Digital version, respectively).

Source: WCCFTech, PSL

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