Oculus Quest 2: A Facebook Checkup Recommended Before Purchase

TECH NEWS – Facebook-owned Oculus recommends us to check our FB account before buying a headset. And the new VR users must get an account there.

If you want to enter the world of virtual reality with an Oculus device, you can no longer avoid a Facebook registration: it’s obligatory, and since Oculus accounts will be slowly phased out by 2023, you must get a Facebook account eventually to use the headsets. However, the problem is that if your Facebook account gets hacked (or closed, suspended, and the reason behind it doesn’t matter), then you will lose access to the games as well.

Amongst Oculus Quest 2 buyers, some people couldn’t tie their Facebook account, and there were also cases where Mark Zuckerberg’s company suspended their accounts immediately for a few days. It was a glitch, but if someone breaks the community standards of Facebook, it’s not clear what can be done – on Instagram, Andrew Bosworth, the vice president of Facebook’s VR and AR (augmented reality), held an AMA (ask me anything), and he said that there isn’t a lot affected people when it comes to suspended accounts.

One question’s answer has been posted to Twitter: „We’ve been tracking this from day one closely, following up with every single individual case that comes across. The number of cases isn’t large, but of course, the impact is huge to these people and we take that seriously. Every single person in VR matters to us,” Bosworth said, adding that they „should continue to make sure their Facebook account is in good standing before they buy the headset.” But if a Facebook account is banned, then that’s issues on Facebook’s end, not Oculus’. (Explaining the reason behind banning isn’t common, though.)

„Google, Apple, Xbox—pick a favourite—they make you sign up with an account, and there’s a reason for that: We get to provide better services that way, and stronger guarantees around things like data security and compliance with regulations, so I’m a big fan of this move even still,” Bosworth added about other companies all requiring an account.

But not everyone loves having a hundred accounts to use products…

Source: PCGamer

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