Sekiro Celebrates GOTY Update With New Video; it’s free and loaded with content [VIDEO]

This update was announced last July and will finally be released on October 28.

It is more than evident that the annual award of the Game of the Year (Game of the Year) always has support and criticism. In 2019, the GOTY was Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Miyazaki’s latest creation, a game that represented an evolution in souls-like and marked its own path in a very complicated video game, but which was at the same time a true masterpiece.

The free update has been called Game of the Year Edition Sekiro was very applauded by players and has won numerous awards since the victory of the GOTY must be added, for example, that was the game of the year for users of Steam. In July we told you that the game had sold more than five million copies, a success for such a video game, and FromSoftware anticipated that it would update the game for free in October.

Well, this free update will finally come out on October 28 at 6:00 p.m. on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and Activision has released a new trailer to celebrate it. From that moment, our Sekiro will become the Game of the Year Edition, since that is how they wanted to call this new update. A physical version of this edition will be released in Japan on the same day.

The update will arrive loaded with content and will introduce several features. On the one hand, the “Reflections of Strength” mode will allow us to face bosses that we have already overcome. On the other hand, the “Gauntlets of Strength” mode will propose the challenge of overcoming consecutive challenges with a single life, also in boss fights. In addition, the update will incorporate new costumes for our protagonist. At the moment the Old Ashina Shinobi and Tengu skins have been confirmed, but we will see how to obtain them.

The “Remnants” will also be introduced, which are basically 30-second recordings that we can make with some specific movements. We can capture these actions, attach a message and share them, for other players to see. Sekiro was released on the 22nd of November 2019 and we found it to be a high A-game.

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