Xbox Series X becomes a real fridge: Snoop Dogg’s surreal gift

The rapper has a refrigerator shaped like an Xbox Series X.

When Microsoft and Sony showed the world for the first time their new consoles, the Internet was soon filled with memes and parodies that had the new machines as protagonists. PlayStation 5 had its share of a joke and Xbox Series S was no less. In the case of Xbox Series X, many users joked that its shape was reminiscent of a refrigerator and that it would fit very well in today’s homes if it had that function.

Well, in another episode in which reality is stranger than fiction, rapper Snoop Dogg shared a video on Instagram in which he showed that he had received a refrigerator shaped like an Xbox Series X. The post was deleted, so We leave the tweet of the user Wario64 with that video. Maybe Microsoft and Snoop Dogg are going to collaborate and the singer has released the clip early, although the response from the official Xbox Twitter expresses surprise

Snoop Dogg has always been a staunch Xbox fan, but this is the last thing we expected. It is not really clear, as we say if the refrigerator has been sent by Xbox and they are going to collaborate if someone outside sent it or even if he ordered it himself. Inside the fridge is food and drink, a Series X-shaped cake dedicated to the rapper, and a real Xbox Series X.

To end the hilarious video, Snoop Dogg focuses on himself and shows a chain with the Xbox logo. At 3DJuegos we don’t have that refrigerator, but we have been lucky enough to receive an Xbox Series X to put it to the test and tell you how it works. In our latest information on this, we delve deeper into its hardware and gaming performance.

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