The Spirit Of The Samurai: Metroidvania In Feudal Japan [VIDEO]

Digital Mind is crowdfunding the game, and they don’t seem to ask for much.

Digital Mind is a 3D animation studio that was established in 2001. They are looking to get 35555 USD on Kickstarter to develop The Spirit of the Samurai, and one day in, they are at 1520 USD, so they still have a lot so that they can release the game in December 2021 on PC (Steam) and Atari VCS, but „other platforms according to demand” could also get the game.

„The Spirit of the Samurai is a Metroidvania-style game with a unique style and environment, in which you will be a samurai, a cat, and a Kodama. With a spectacular design and animations, taking care of every detail, we offer you the possibility of immersing yourself in a great adventure, with a great story told as if it were a movie in which you are the protagonist. Explore a dark and beautiful world set in medieval Japan and its ancient mythology, fight against mythological creatures, demons, undead… Join a samurai and his cat on an epic and dangerous adventure to recover his body and destroy the evil.

The Spirit of the Samurai is a Metroidvania with a deep exploration style gameplay with non-linear levels. While you travel around the giant map, every single spot counts, as you can discover new items, new secret areas, particular puzzles to solve and unique enemies. One of the main features of the game is the possibility of playing with three characters in very different ways throughout the adventure, such as a Samurai, a Kodama and a cat. Each character has different characteristics from the other. Only with the combination of all of them can we succeed. Kitsune will guide us through the journey, show us how to continue and help us in many ways. He is a fundamental piece in this story.

With stunning visuals, different abilities, combos and special attacks, The Spirit of the Samurai provide highly agile control and deep, smooth action combat. You can switch between a variety of powers where each of them has different stats and you can evolve each power throughout the game. You can upgrade your character’s basic skills by levelling up strength, stamina, or agility. Every choice counts.

[…] We have worked hard to get a fast, smooth and intense action combat. More satisfying than usual in Metroidvania-style games. You have numerous combos that you can combine between them. […] During combat the fatal blows will be shown from another more visual and spectacular perspective through high-end quality cinematics that will not affect the fluidity of the gameplay. […] You can get special powers to deal extra damage to enemies and bosses. You must unlock and evolve these powers along with the game. These powers at full strength can be destructive.

[…] Each enemy behaves differently. Most of them have unpredictable behaviour, they have been equipped with an AI that makes each game different and difficult, very difficult. It can be challenging to beat them successfully. […] The characters will evolve each time you level up, you can increase their abilities and in the case of the Kodama, their powers as well. To increase the level you must defeat enemies, get objects, unlock secondary objectives…”, Digital Mind says.

Good luck to them.

Source: Gematsu

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