Did Capcom’s Next Games’ Schedule Leak?

The Japanese company’s ransomware attacks show their ugly side now.

IGN has put together a list of what games might be in development at Capcom. For example, Resident Evil Outbreak could come in Q4 FY21. It means that it will come in early 2022, as fiscal years start on April 1 for Capcom so their schedule is shifted forward by a quarter year in comparison to the calendar year.

But back to the list: Resident Evil Outbreak – Q4 FY21 (early 2022), Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Q2 FY22 (2022 July-September), Street Fighter VI – Q3 FY22 (late 2022), Mega Man Match – Q3 FY22 (late 2022), Resident Evil 4 Remake – Q4 FY22 (early 2023), Monster Hunter 6 – Q2 FY23 (2023 July-September), Biohazard Apocalypse – Q3 FY23 (late 2023), “SSF6” = Super Street Fighter VI – Q4 FY23 (early 2024), Final Fight Remake – Q2 FY24 (2024 July-September), Power Stone Remake – Q3 FY24 (late 2024), Ultra Street Fighter VI – Q4 FY24 (early 2025), Resident Evil Hank (probably Hunk) – Q4 FY24 (early 2025). According to IGN’s sources, Dragon’s Dogma 2’s and Street Fighter VI’s launch windows seem accurate, and we already said that SFVI could arrive in 2022.

Further titles: DGS 12 – Q1 FY21 (April-June 2021), Regolith – Q4 FY21 (early 2022), “Indies 2” – Q1 FY22 (April-June 2022), “Indies 2 port” – Q2 FY22 (July-September 2022), Onimusha New Work – Q4 FY22 (early 2023), MH NS G (new Monster Hunter) – Q4 FY22 (early 2023), Shield G – Q4 FY 22 (early 2023), Captain Commando – Q4 FY23 (early 2024), New C – Q1 FY24 (April-June 2024), New B – Q4 FY24 (early 2025).

The list lacks Devil May Cry, doesn’t it? It’s for a good reason: „Get ready to wait for several years for Devil May Cry 6,” AestheticGamer wrote on Twitter, meaning 3-4 years are a minimum, as it’s not even on the schedule. And about the other Resident Evil leaks, he added: „Resident Evil 4 Remake: I’ve talked about it multiple times. It leaked too soon & people will be waiting a while longer on it. No Code Veronica Remake: as I’ve been saying since January, not in dev at this time. Apocalypse: Yes, I do know what this is [and I know] some details about it, but I’m not talking about it. Outrage: I have a suspicion on what it is, there’s a game I know of I feel it has to be, but I don’t fully know. Hank: Hanku is the Japanese name for HUNK. Never heard about this project before today.”

Ouch. Also, no Dino Crisis?

Source: PSL, WCCFTech

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