Even Super Smash Bros.’ Creator Criticizes The PlayStation 5’s SSD Storage Size!

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of the popular fighting Nintendo IP, Super Smash Bros., claims that the PlayStation 5 should have more internal storage.

Kotaku wrote about Sakurai’s thoughts that he published in his Weekly Famitsu column, sharing his first experiences with the PlayStation 5. Let’s see what he had to say about the new Sony hardware: „First of all, it’s a big console. I can put it on the shelf under the TV, but thinking about the heat it puts out, I ended up placing it behind my well-ventilated television.

At launch, there aren’t many games, but I could download [PlayStation 4] game after [PS4] game. Not slowing down, the first game I played on the PlayStation 5 ended up being The Ninja Warriors. The capacity of the internal SSD, to be candid, is small and is already filled up. Taking out the operating system part, the amount that can be used is, what, 600GB? At the moment, the app folders are not separated. This is a pain.

Overall, I am very satisfied! I think this looks like the start of a long relationship [with the PlayStation 5], and I want to cherish it. Once the shortages end, I think this will be a console that many people will enjoy for a long time,” Sakurai wrote.

He has a 2 TB HDD for his PlayStation 4 Pro, where he also had the chance to separate the games via folders, and this is not possible at the moment on the PlayStation 5. Ninja Warriors is a Taito arcade game from 1987 that later got ported to many platforms. We have no clue how he filled up his PlayStation 5’s SSD storage, though.

So is this another critique that Jim Ryan, the head of PlayStation, won’t hear? He previously said that they haven’t heard such complaints that the PlayStation 5 lacks internal SSD storage. And, to be the devil’s advocate: the Nintendo Switch has 32 GB of internal storage…

Source: PSL

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