The PlayStation 5 Records Your Trophy Reactions! [VIDEO]

The console is watching us… while we unlock a trophy!?

If you unlock a hard-to-earn trophy (for example, if you get the Platinum trophy in Demon’s Souls Remake… that should be a pretty tough cookie), then you might say a few curse words while doing so, because you finally succeeded (it can also apply after defeating a difficult boss if it gets you a trophy). It’s not a shame to admit it. But, we have to point out the fact that Sony records us.

No, not just by doing a short clip of the footage in the game of us unlocking the trophy. It also records our voice: if you have your microphone turned on (and you might be lazy to always turn it off, or if you leave it on between two multiplayer sessions… it’s also fine to admit that laziness is king), then the PlayStation 5 will also record your voice:

As the embedded Reddit post says, „[I’m a] first-time Souls player. I didn’t realise that the PlayStation 5 records your microphone’s audio whenever you get a trophy. Whoops.” While we are sharing his joy for succeeding, it could be a surprise for those who don’t want themselves to be recorded (they want to keep their cursing in joy to themselves), or they forgot to mute themselves.

You can turn it off, and it’s a good idea to do so: the trophy recordings can take up a lot of space on your PlayStation 5’s internal SSD, offering you a little over 660 GB of free space (we will discuss the topic later today). And if you are a maximalist, focusing on getting all the trophies, you might be affected even more with a lack of space. The big games will make the situation even worse.

At least the Internet noticed how the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition both have such a feature.

Source: WCCFTech

First time Souls player. I didn’t realise that the PS5 records your microphone’s audio whenever you get a trophy. Whoops. from r/PS5

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