Age of Empires IV is now playable

The authors of Company of Heroes are working on this highly anticipated real-time strategy title.

Presented in the summer of 2017, Age of Empires IV has hardly shown any signs of life in all these years but its managers ensure that development is going well, to the point that this new real-time strategy title is now fully playable. This does not mean that we will see the game in stores overnight, which could be! But it does make it clear that the Relic Entertainment team is making great progress with what is one of the most popular PC games. expected in recent years.

“We are making great progress with Age of Empires 4,” said one of the main managers of Xbox Game Studios, Shannon Loftis, in her Christmas message. “I don’t want to make you jealous, but we are literally enjoying the game every day, both in Washington and Vancouver,” he adds. “Developing a real-time strategy game is fun: it takes a while to create your independent systems (artificial intelligence, economics, simulation, rendering, etc.), and more to put them to work together. But when it works, you immediately have a game in your mind.”

Without going into much detail, he assures that the core of the game is already fully operational, and at the moment, the team responsible for the Company of Heroes saga is ” testing, balancing and polishing ” the gaming experience. Loftis has also dedicated a few words to the difficult health situation that has forced teams to work from home. “With the entire team working from home, we’ve modified our process through trial and error to facilitate productivity and keep the game going.”

“The future of Age of Empires is extremely bright, there is much more on the way!”, Has ensured, in a year in which we have been able to enjoy the remarkable Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. “I would love to be able to tell you everything we have going on, but I can’t. Just know that in addition to revisiting the past of Age of Empires with the Definitive Edition [of the classics], we are working hard on Age of Empires IV and other projects futures “.

The first and only time the game has been seen in motion was with the first Age of Empires IV trailer at X019 that was held at the end of last year. Its authors dropped at that time that the game could end up also being released on Xbox One and Xbox Series, although it is something that has not been confirmed so far since the priority is the PC.

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