CD Projekt Denies Cyberpunk 2077 Rumors, Denies “No Man’s Sky” Return This Summer

The company has made an exception to deny the information that poke about the plans for the future of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 is being the focus of attention in recent months. Both because of the expectation generated by its arrival, and especially because of all the problems it has had in its premiere, being a constant headache for CD Projekt RED . For this reason, information has circulated on the network in the last hours in which there was talk of a return of the game “a la No Man’s Sky” planned for the month of June with extras, the relocation of the supposed cut content and more technical improvements.

This information, originally published in the GameFaqs forums, has spread like wildfire on the networks. As always, in 3DJuegos , we do not usually echo this type of information that is not confirmed to avoid the confusion of our readers. For this reason, we do not publish the details that the European study has cataloged as false. And for this reason, CD Projekt RED has issued a letter confirming that this information is not true.

“Normally, we do not comment on these types of rumors. But this time we want to make an exception to say that this information is false .” The study responsible for the game has written on its social networks, denying that it has planned a return in summer or that the adventure code has been rewritten.

In this way, CD Projekt RED has made an exception to meet information that many users were beginning to take as true . For now, what we know is that the study plans have changed to fix the problems on consoles, altering the arrival of multiplayer among other things . Even so, free DLC will continue to arrive despite the problems.

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