BREAKING! New Indiana Jones Game On the Horizon! [VIDEO]

Bethesda announces new Indiana Jones Game & Here’s Their First Teaser: Developing MachineGames.

MachineGames, responsible for the Wolfenstein saga, are at the forefront. Take the hat and the whip.

What an unexpected surprise Bethesda just released. When no one expected or had been rumoured, the company has announced the development of a new video game based on the Indiana Jones universe. In charge of the project will be MachineGames, the studio responsible for the Wolfenstein saga. A mixture of the most attractive that has already left its first trailer.

At the moment they have not transcended too many details about the project. Of course, from Bethesda, they have confirmed in a subsequent tweet that it is a game based on the popular archaeologist that will have an original story and that will feature Todd Howard in executive production, in collaboration with the Lucasfilm Games division.

The company does not reveal more details, although it states that it will provide new information about it later. At the moment, there are not even confirmed platforms: keep in mind that Bethesda now belongs to Xbox. There is no mention of a release date either.

Although it is not the first video game based on Indiana Jones, it is remarkable that Bethesda and its studios take care of the project, which may be indicative of the new times of the company. Also on the way is Starfield, which has been the brand’s first new IP in many years, and now the popular character joins. Without forgetting, of course, the long-awaited The Elder Scrolls VI.

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