Mysterious tattoo on the hands of a Capitol protester

During the siege of the Capitol, you can see a man (who got into the headquarters of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government) with an unusual tattoo on his hand that is familiar to us. So far, it has been a mystery what this tattoo can represent, many have seen amazing symbols in it: e.g. a communist symbol, a “Antifa” symbol (against fascism) … and we could list. However, the decipherment is quite prosaic: the signal from the 2011 video game Dishonored (and its sequel, Dishonored 2) is Outsider.

What did the Dishonored development team react to?

VGC reported that Anna Megill, the writer of Dishonored, tweeted „This hurts my heart.” Director Harvey Smith responded to a now-deleted tweet from a Trump supporter claiming that the tattoo was political. „I assure you, it’s not,” Smith said.

Also, Capcom has distanced itself from comments made by Devil May Cry and Street Fighter voice actor Reuben Langdon. Langdon wrote on Twitter, claiming that it is censorship that they banned Donald Trump from the platform (other sites have done the same). „The views expressed by Langdon do not reflect those of Capcom,” a spokesperson told VGC. Langdon provided the following statement to the website: „The storming of the capital was a disgrace to the USA. In no way do I or have I ever supported their behaviour or any which incites violence or damage to property. Those responsible will be held accountable by law. This is about freedom of speech. And the hypocrisy of the media.”

Source: PSL

You can see the image below – the second image is taken from the game showing the same symbol:

dishonored series

capitol rioters

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