Cyberpunk 2077: Did CD Projekt RED Got A Fine In Brazil?

The Poles are in a tough situation now, although some of the bad reputation they get is all their fault. Maybe not this time, though.

On Twitter, we can read Start, a Brazilian publication, where CD Projekt RED (CDPR onwards) got allegedly fined, and they reported about it. The Polish team got a fine to pay because they broke one of the laws of São Paulo, and that netted them a reasonably hefty fine. (Then again, they have money to spare, especially how Cyberpunk 2077 turned profits from pre-orders alone.)

So São Paulo has a law where they ban murals and street advertising (such as advertisement banners). CDPR broke this by putting V’s character on the side of an apartment block. This was then advertised by the official Twitter account of São Paulo, and journalist then pointed it out that it’s not legal. São Paulo’s leadership quickly noticed the situation, and then they swiftly handed out a 41000 Brazilian real fine to CDPR. That is about 77 thousand dollars. Oh, the owners of the building got much less: they allegedly got paid only 10K BRL, which is about 1900 USD.

If that’s not enough, CDPR wanted V to be on the side of the building for no less than two years, which is a significant time in advertising. The tweet below showcases why it’s probably no longer there, as São Paulo claims to be a clean city, and the before-after comparison shows how they got rid of all advertising.

CDPR should have looked into this. If they made a deal without them knowing about the law, then the owners of the building wanted to make money off their lack of knowledge. However, if they DID not about the illegality, then all we can do is facepalm and ask: „what was the point of that?” They did not talk about it yet.

Cyberpunk 2077’s next-gen patch has been delayed to the second half of 2021 yesterday, we mentioned it in detail.

Source: PSU

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