Uncharted: No 2021 Premiere Either!

MOVIE NEWS – Uncharted‘s cinematic adaptation has suffered yet another blow!

Uncharted’s film adaptation is slowly becoming something that we have seen in the gaming industry with a certain Duke Nukem Forever, which needed roughly one and a half decades from its initial announcement to become available and playable, and it wasn’t necessarily what we expected it to be… so if we would have stuck with what the advertisements said („always bet on Duke”), we’d have lost a ton of cash in the casino!

We were starting to get used to the fact that Uncharted will hit the cinemas this year, starting from July 16. Recently, Sony Pictures has published a few images from the film that will feature a young Nathan Drake, and while it’s nothing close to a trailer, it’s still better than nothing. But no, we can forget about this date, too: Geoff Keighley, the producer of The Game Awards, announced on Twitter: „The Uncharted movie has been pushed back from this July to February 11, 2022.”

So that’s another 6+ months of delay, and it’s weird because the filming was completed last year, meaning Uncharted is now in its post-production (special effects, etc) phase, and this is particularly why it felt weird that Sony didn’t want to show almost anything about the cinematic take on Uncharted that will feature Tom Holland (the recent actor of Spider-Man, will be Drake) and Mark Wahlberg (who was first meant to be Drake before he got too old… so he’ll be Sully).

Indeed, the coronavirus global pandemic has stomped the film industry pretty hard (it’s not that easy to just go to a cinema nowadays…), but we didn’t expect such a delay, especially how the film is now in its post-production procedures. There’s no need to re-shoot scenes, and some of the work can be done from home…

So we got the short end of the stick once again. Oh, and Morbius, as well as Ghostbusters: The Legacy also got delayed. The former got pushed from October to January 21, 2022, the latter got pushed from June to November 11.

Source: PSU

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