Watch Dogs: Legion: The Multiplayer Is Delayed On PC!

The consoles are also somewhat affected – so we should say that the French publisher has somewhat rushed the game’s launch date just so it can be available as a launch title for both next-gen consoles in November.

Ubisoft announced on Twitter that the third Watch Dogs’ multiplayer is still not in the best shape possible: „DedSec, we’re excited to see recruits in London when we launch the online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion on March 9. Before we launch, we want to make you aware of a few things that have just come to our attention:

We’ve identified an issue in the PC version that can cause the game to crash for players with certain GPUs. The team is working on fixing the issue as quickly as possible, and in the meantime, we’ve decided to wait to launch the PC version until this is fixed. We will communicate the new launch date as soon as possible.

We have also identified an issue that can cause the game to crash during the Tactical Op. Therefore we have decided to launch it on Xbox, PlayStation, and Stadia on March 23. PlayStation 4/5 will have limited in-game text chat at launch, and we are working on a fix for this, which will be coming on March 23 as well.

We are committed to delivering the best experience to all players and are working diligently to address the issues outlined above. We appreciate your patience and understanding,” Ubisoft wrote. By PlayStation and Xbox, they meant PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One.

So let’s admit it: Watch Dogs: Legion was released in an incomplete form, similarly to Cyberpunk 2077, but the latter had its bugs and glitches more prominent despite several delays. So let’s either blame everyone or nobody – Ubisoft rushed this game.

Source: PSL

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