The PlayStation 3 Servers Can’t Keep Up with The Demand

After Sony announced that the PlayStation Store will close for the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita, and the PSP this summer, the players started to archive things.

Yesterday, we already discussed how there will be a hundred and twenty exclusives gone after the closure of the PlayStation Store on the three aforementioned platforms, as these titles never received a physical and/or another digital release elsewhere. Sure, the games will be available for those who have purchased the games in question, but it still brings up the topic of game preservation. In the future, there will be curious people who will want to take a look at the games that were released for the three PlayStation platforms in the 2010s.

On Twitter, multiple people are complaining about how they can’t download their games on PlayStation 3. This Japanese tweet pointed out the two error messages with the numbers 80029509, 80029721 – the user only got these instead of successfully downloading the games for their PlayStation 3. It doesn’t show up with just new purchases: even previously acquired games can pop these error messages up, and let’s hope that it’s just a temporary mistake.

But it’s not an issue limited to Asia: this French tweet talks about trying to download a PS1 classic on a PlayStation 3, only to get the 80029509 error message at the end. That means the unpreparedness is also present in Europe: Sony didn’t make the servers responsible for the older platforms’ PlayStation Stores more bulletproof, resulting in these errors across the world, messing with the players (and paying customers) in the process.

Sony should get its act together. The time is ticking, and July is creeping ever closer when the PS3/PSP duo will see the end of the tunnel. The PlayStation Vita is seeing the end at the end of August.

Source: JVL

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