PlayStation 3: Several Games Can’t Be Patched!

The PlayStation 3‘s torturous time continues: since the closure announcement for its PlayStation Store, we only hear bad news from the PS3 camp (and Sony doesn’t seem to be bothered fixing it altogether).

On July 2, the PlayStation 3 and the PSP will see their respective PlayStation Store closed, followed by the PlayStation Vita‘s version go off on August 27. We have kept a close eye on the subject (last time, we discussed a PS3 error code’s workaround solution!), and the story is still not over yet; in case you are successful in downloading a game you wanted, you might see that its patch(es) won’t download!

You can find a list of affected games on PSNProfiles, meaning these are titles that might not allow you to get their patches for one reason or another. On ResetEra, we can read that despite forcing the patches’ downloads, it won’t work, even if we start the game in question (when the download should automatically start). It gets even more twisted: in some cases, North America is affected but Europe isn’t; a few games have problems with disc-based versions, or in other cases, the digital downloads run into the problem.

Let’s list a few games to show that it’s not relegated to indie or obscure titles: Battlefield 4, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Gran Turismo 5, LittleBigPlanet Game of the Year Edition, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, SoulCalibur 4, Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Online Edition… but if you are interested in series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden and Fist of the North Star, you will run into this issue.

The problem will be an issue for you if you are a trophy hunter, and some games don’t unlock trophies without the updates. And if we already see patches, which won’t require as much downloading, run into this trouble, what guarantees us what Sony said (games will still be available to download for those who own said games)?

Source: VG247

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