Is The Return Of Perfect Dark And Fable „So Far Away?”

Gamesindustry’s Christopher Dring also claims that Everwild is another title that needs a bit more time in the oven.

Dring was part of the newest VGC podcast, where he talked about how Microsoft‘s (or Xbox Game Studios‘ to be more precise) three big exclusives, the revival of Perfect Dark (which is in development at The Initiative, essentially the elite team in XGS), the return of Fable (which is in works at Playground Games, which now has two studios), and Rare‘s Everwild are still far away from launch. The subject was due to the team discussing the upcoming Sony and Microsoft exclusives.

„Xbox has a lot of amazing studios and these games are coming but, I’ve had few conversations with friends at Xbox Games Studios and those games they announced, Everwild, Perfect Dark, Fable are so far away. As in, they might even be in a new Xbox by the time these games come out, they are so far away and when you look at the Hideo Kojima stuff you wonder if they are signing third parties at the moment because they don’t have a line-up of big exclusives at all,” Dring said. About Kojima, it’s the possibility that Microsoft might be publishing his next game, and the new Xbox console comment was a joke.

After this, Klobrille, an Xbox insider, chimed in on Twitter: „2022 [launch window for] Everwild, 2023 Fable and 2023+ Perfect Dark. That was always my prediction, so nothing new here. I think that’s what people expected anyway.” Everwild was announced in November 2019 at X019, while the other two games’ existence was confirmed in 2020.

Microsoft seems to be able to afford the developers to have more time to work on the games (unlike Sony, as they don’t have an operating system as a revenue source…) and not rush them to the market (see Cyberpunk 2077…).

Source: WCCFTech

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