Something Is Happening Around Metal Gear Solid 2, But What? [VIDEO]

Konami seems to be preparing something, so the nearly twenty years old Metal Gear Solid game may be going to get something new.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty launched in November 2001 on PlayStation 2 (Europe had to wait until March 2002). The expanded version, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance followed in late 2002, March 2003 (depending on the region) on PS2, Xbox, and PC. This is the game where Solid Snake is not the main character you control for the most part; his role is taken by Raiden, who you might know from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Hideo Kojima’s game might be getting something new.

We previously wrote about how Konami might be outsourcing its IPs so other devs could work with them, and here, we might see an example of that happening. On Twitter, an account with the name Tom Olsen has posted some… interesting comments: „Dropped by the Computer Lab again today to chat with my friend. I took a couple of photos of her and her parrot, and she even took him out of his cage! A friend of mine suggested that the parrot might be a budgie, but have you ever seen a budgie that looks like THAT?”, this doesn’t seem to be suspicious.

„A follower suggested riding the conveyor belt in Strut E to see where it goes. It’s a crazy idea, but it seemed fun… until I ended up stuck in an awkward situation. It sounds like my friend is tearing into someone. Yikes. I’ll just wait here until everyone leaves,” things are getting interesting. „All Hands Meeting for plant staff before we leave for the weekend! We looked over early construction photos, reviewed some upcoming updates to the facility, and… President Johnson is going to be visiting the Big Shell next week! Next week’s going to be an adventure, for sure!”, and here is the important part. President Johnson is someone who you save in Metal Gear Solid 2.

So it seems something might be announced by the time May arrives. But why do we feel that it’s going to be related to VR…?

Source: JVL

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