Is Microsoft Pushing For A 2021 Launch For Starfield?

The Redmond company’s strategy might include Bethesda Game Studios‘ next title, where a certain Todd Howard is working hard on his next project.

Starfield has been announced a couple of years ago, and since then, all we saw of it were a few early images, but that’s all. Now, an Xbox insider called Rand al Thor 19, who happens to be the co-host of The Xbox Two podcast (his partner in crime is Windows Central’s Jez Corden), said the following:

„I’ve been told, by very reliable people, that Starfield was 100% an Xbox exclusive. I’ve even made bets about it, and I don’t bet unless I know I’m willing to bet. So I’m confident that Starfield is only releasing on Xbox when it does and I’ve been told as well that Microsoft is trying their hardest to get the game out for this holiday. They want Starfield out this holiday. The game’s finished – it’s in a bug-squashing mode right now, very much like Halo Infinite, and it would be a big boon for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox if both Halo and Starfield could launch this fall,” he said.

So Starfield is possibly arriving at the end of the year (October-December) on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and maybe Xbox One. And it’d make some sense: Bethesda Game Studios always takes its time to reveal its next game. Fallout 4 was announced less than half a year from its release date. And bug fixing is important: previously, virtually all BGS titles launched with a ton of bugs.

Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI have been confirmed to be Bethesda Game Studios’ next titles, and the former was recently filed for new copyright for… 2021. Huh. Microsoft seems to be all-in on this one.

Source: WCCFTech

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