Nearly Half Of The Devs Are Affected By Game Delays; What Is Their Favourite Platform?

GDC (Game Developers Conference) provided its newest survey, and it doesn’t paint a highly optimistic future for us.

The organisers put together a survey each year, and you can find the newest one, depicting the current state of the gaming industry, here. They asked nearly 3000 developers a question: „Which platforms most interest you as a developer right now?” The PC won, getting 58% of the approval. It’s followed by the PlayStation 5, achieving 44%. The Nintendo Switch took the third spot on the roster by 38%. The Xbox Series pair followed with 30%, and after them, we see the general „VR headsets” reaching 27%. The Google Stadia is a backmarker in this question, as only 6% of those who polled picked Google’s streaming service!

Then again, interest doesn’t necessarily convert into what the devs do, as publishers tend to have different ideas. So, what platforms are the developers making games for? The PC once again took 58% of the answers. The Apple iOS took 32%, and if you think this answer is a fluke, Google’s Android followed right after it by 31%, meaning the mobile platforms are highly in demand at the moment. The PlayStation 5 took 27%, once again surpassing the Xbox Series (24%). Mobile platforms are not to be overlooked: keep in mind that Electronic Arts announced a mobile Battlefield game for 2022! (We wrote about it before.)

The poll also asked if the coronavirus global pandemic has contributed to game delays or not. 44% of the devs said yes. On the subject of crunch, 45% of the devs said they work more than 40 hours a week on average, which is a disappointment, but it’s frightening to hear that 4% said they work over 60 hours!

So the devs seem to think the PlayStation 5 is a dev-friendly platform… and seeing how we heard others claim the same thing, it might be true.

Source: WCCFTech

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