Is Disney Preparing A Sequel To Alien: Isolation?

Creative Assembly’s legacy will be a hard task to continue if it’s indeed true that the House of Mouse is looking into a sequel to the game from 2014!

SEGA published Alien: Isolation in 2014 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC with brilliant results, as well as on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with less than stellar performance. (There was also a Nintendo Switch port in December 2019, and it was alright.) Creative Assembly has since moved on, and Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox, meaning the Alien IP is now in their hands. However, the devs behind Total War is not going to come back to this game…

Let’s see what Small Screen’s source had to claim about a potential Alien: Isolation 2: „One of the properties they’re looking to work on is Alien: Isolation. The story is being written and the idea to get this game made. Disney has a developer in mind to make the game.” So they might be interested in continuing the plot of Amanda Ripley. But, read between the lines: if the story is still being written, then the game development has to be in pre-production and nothing more: you can’t build a house without a proper foundation after all.

Whatever will happen, Alien: Isolation’s success came mostly from the ambience it had: in this game, for the most part, you had no chance to fight against the Xenomorph, who often finds the player (resulting in immediate death), and the only way to survive is to stay hidden (which doesn’t necessarily help) and resort to the radar in possession.

If Alien: Isolation’s sequel is indeed in development, it shouldn’t go way too different from what the first game offered. We’ve seen the IP used in shoddy games (just think of Aliens: Colonial Marines where Gearbox used its dev money on Borderlands 2!).

Source: Small Screen, We Got This Covered

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