Despite Cyberpunk 2077’s Rough Launch, CD Projekt Heads Stuff Their Pockets

The leadership of the Polish company got enormous bonuses, even though the game – despite multiple delays! – launched in a near-catastrophic state in December.

According to Bloomberg’s article, as well as the annual report of CD Projekt (CDP onwards), the company’s CEOs, Marcin Iwinski and Adam Kicinski will each get around 6.3 million dollars as an end of the year bonus (fiscal years tend to start in April, thus the timing). Adam Badowski, the director of the game (who also happens to be a board member) will receive 4.2 million bucks. Most of the profit (which is around 562 million dollars) come from the Cyberpunk 2077 sales, but The Witcher 3 (which will get a next-gen re-release this year…) has also pushed the CDP profits a bit.

20% of the earnings go to profit-sharing bonuses, split evenly between the employees and the board members. A regular employee can get around 5-9 thousand dollars, but a senior member can receive even twenty thousand dollars, while managers and directors might get even more than that.

A CDP spokesperson explained to Bloomberg that 29.8 million dollars were dispersed between 865 employees, resulting in an average of 34 thousand per employee. However, five of the board members got a total of 28 million! Four of the board members own around 33% of company stock, and they did lose some money this year when CDP’s stock value fell 57%.

„We earned this money and the company earned this money, of course, but more net profits, more bonuses. We have results, we get bonuses, and that’s the contract we have,” Kicinski said during a financial earnings call. Still, we see a few people get a ton of money (just think of Bobby Kotick and Andrew Wilson, the CEO of Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts, respectively), while a lot of the devs get barely anything.

Cyberpunk 2077’s next-gen version won’t launch until the second half of the year!

Source: VG247

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