More Changes Coming In Overwatch 2: 5v5 PvP [VIDEO]

The second Overwatch is going to significantly change the game’s PvP segment.

Until now, Blizzard has mostly advertised Overwatch 2‘s PvE mode, but now, they somewhat turned the tide, as they now introduced what they are planning to do with PvP, and they showcased the changes during a stream that you can watch below in the first video. Overwatch uses 6v6 for the PvP at the moment, but the sequel will change this to a 5v5 setup. Two characters will be DPS (damage-per-second) focused, two players will fill the Support roles, and one player will get the chance to be the Tank, providing slow speed but a ton of grunt.

This change will be a significant shakeup for Tanks. Blizzard will perform several changes: they will get a buff, along with some tools that will allow more aggression. For example, Zarya can now wield double bubbles and Winston has more long-range attack options. These changes seem to focus the game towards a slightly faster and more fluid gameplay, and going by the PvP matches showcased during the stream, it might be working nicely in Blizzard’s favour.

Blizzard also provided a fresh look at several Overwatch 2 maps. We can see New York, Rio de Janeiro (Hybrid), as well as Toronto and Rome (Push) maps. These have been showcased in some form before, but not the new Monte Carlo location, which brings over the same glitz and glamour we see during the F1 race weekends. (Then again, those cars justify Nelson Piquet’s comment: the 3x WDC said that racing there is like riding a bicycle in your living room…) The PvE content will be exclusive to Overwatch 2, but the PvP material will be accessible to those who own the first game. The hero redesigns have also been showcased.

Overwatch 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (it was announced for these platforms), but, along with Diablo IV, it will not launch in 2021. It’s possibly going to be on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, too.

Source: WCCFTech

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