Bleak Faith: Forsaken – the first trailer for the open world survival horror RPG! [VIDEO]

If you are regular patrons of Kickstarter, you may be familiar with the name of Bleak Faith: Forsaken , an action RPG with touches of survival-horror financed two years ago on the crowdfunding platform that is now closer than ever to its launch, presented this week A new trailer on YouTube where players can find out more about their setting and battles.

Entering more of this in its plot premise, Bleak Faith: Forsaken challenges the player to fight for their survival in one of the last outposts of the Forsaken, a legion of hunters with a mission to protect the last vestiges of humanity from the horrors that they stalk them. “However, the nature of its purpose is shrouded in mystery, and as you delve into the multiple corridors of the Omnistructure [the place these hostile beings came from], you will come to find the true meaning of alienation, isolation and the dread “, add those responsibly.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken seeks to become strong on several points. The first of these is its open world, with a firm commitment to labyrinthine environments where exploration has its reward and there are no truly safe places , although there are some positions where you can recover and plan new trips. The video game also stands out for its brutal and meticulously detailed combat , an ecosystem in constant movement to guarantee replayability, and a careful sense of survival, where moving by stealth has to be taken into account.

Miso Vukcevic and Mirko Stanic are the two developers of this Bleak Faith: Forsaken that will arrive this year on PC, later on PS4 and Xbox One.

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